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Paul Milando Voice Actor Toronto Ontario Canada Voiceover


It’s a tell,

not a sell

Voice Actor

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Commercial Demo - Paul Milando
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Documentary Narration - History of Voting Rights in Canada
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Audiobook Sample - Beyond the Stone
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Narration Demo - Paul Milando
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E-Learning Module - The Altascientist
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Beyond The Stone Audiobook narrated by Paul Milando Voice Actor Toronto Ontario Canada Voiceover

After a schism renders the world unrecognizable, Magic comes out into the open.

Bane is a Supernatural who works for the Clocktower, the organization that is supposed to protect mortals from themselves. Jackson is able to teleport long distances and is also a clairvoyant, something that no mortal should be able to do. That's the least of their troubles, however. Sparks fly when they meet, even if relationships between mortals and Supernaturals are frowned upon.

When they learn that the Clocktower is keeping mortals and Supernaturals prisoner, Bane knows that they will have to go against the Clocktower in order to break them free...but will they break themselves in the process?


First of all, I would like to thank the Academy….
Film, television, radio, public speaking, and playing “dress-up” have been passions of mine since childhood. From voicing cartoon characters, to having fun with Halloween costumes, to being the joker at family get-togethers; this has always been a part of my life.
At University, I hosted a couple of radio shows and a good friend of mine suggested that once I moved back to Toronto, to find an agent and do some of this stuff as a “cultural release.”
I shifted my focus from “in front of the camera”, to “in front of the mic” and I couldn’t be happier in my accomplishments in VO.
My engaging and warm speaking style is a favourite with television broadcast and film producers seeking a sincere, educated and friendly voiceover artist and narrator. 
Clear enunciation and articulation, in a pleasant baritone speaking voice, is present from commercial and corporate scripts to character voices and Audiobooks, and is fundamental to my interpretation of professional scripts. My professional home recording studio allows for timely and efficient narrations.

my story




Paul is great talent and more importantly a great guy to work with. When you spend a long time on sets with people, you want someone whose attitude and work ethic are infectious. I have had the pleasure of working with Paul many times and his personality and sense of humor speak volumes. He’s a talented guy who brings a strong work ethic to any production.


Piero Marinelli

Videographer/Editor and Producer

Marinelli Media

It was my lucky day when I found Paul to play the role of an historical character in Ontario Parks history. A shoe-in for the role, he was easy to work with, fell into the part, knew his lines cold, and the shoot was a breeze. A great talent to work with.


Stuart Beecroft

Stuart Beecroft Productions Ltd.

Paul was an absolute professional throughout the process, and during the recording session. He approached the project with a great work ethic, and was ready to take direction and notes on pacing as needed. He has a clear voice and great annunciation, even with the trickiest of words. A true professional.


Rakush Sarkari


Media One Creative Inc.

After going through audition tapes, I chose voice actor Paul Milando. Even though I knew that I could have chosen a full cast to voice my book, and I’ve loved a few of these productions, I love the idea of one actor taking us on a journey. There’s something even more intimate about just one person telling the tale to you. Paul was a total champion and worked with me diligently to make sure his voice matched my idea of what the voice should sound and feel like. Listening to it chapter by chapter, he pulled me along and I was entranced by the story that I’d written as it came alive in my ears.


Jamieson Wolf

Author, Beyond the Stone

I worked with Paul on a Canadian Screen Award nominated 6 part documentary series titled “Museum Diaries”. Paul was very professional, always arrived before call time, was well prepped for the sessions and a joy to work with. Paul takes direction very well and his annunciation was clear and key to the success of the narrative. He was always willing to try different versions which allows for a collaborative creative process. Paul is a professional voice actor who takes his creative art seriously and brings a friendly attitude to every session.


Linda Stregger

VP/Executive Producer

Up Front Entertainment



Looking to reach out and talk to me about your project? I can do that, and I WANT to do that. We can start with an email inquiry, but as a VO guy, I’m a talker. Fill out the box with as much info as you can and I’ll be in touch with you.

Thanks for submitting!

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